It’s been a quiet couple of weeks over at our house, where there is still a list as long as my arm to be completed some day soon (before the baby shower, before my birthday, before the baby). We endured an ultra-hot July 4th weekend (complemented, unfortunately, by the ultra-loud mortars launched by our neighbors until 11pm) and now I am so excited to head off to the woods for a couple days — I’m taking my husband on his very first camping trip! Very exciting. Tents, cooking outdoors, campfires! S’mores and hiking and waking up in your sweatshirt!

We’ve ammassed a trunk full of supplies and we’ll be setting out sometime tomorrow, mid-morning. I can’t wait to share pictures when we return.

Meanwhile, let me share one picture with you of one nearly-complete project for the baby:

Cloth baby wipes! This was the nicest, most simple project ever. With three yards of cheap remainder flannel, I cut and stitched together six-inch squares and then trimmed the edges with my pinking shears. I finished two dozen and there will be another dozen or more when I finish the ones waiting at my sewing table. With this nice stack and a little spray bottle of water with baby shampoo, we won’t need to use disposable wipes (unless things get really mucky). Friends of ours recommended starting out with several dozen, so as soon as I have them all finished I will have a nice tidy stack waiting in the baby’s room for her arrival. Oh sweet little baby girl, we are so ready to meet you!