I felt the need to move on from that last post about sad family news…I think as I come out of the fog of confusion about it, I’ve been describing my mental state as, “less like an alien in my own head.” Have you ever felt this way? Well, I’m feeling less like that, more like my old self, even though there’s a lot of emotional support and family time still shoring things up in the background.

So here’s what I’ve been doing to distract myself this week. Crooked, imperfect crafts! Wildly deviant seams! Witness exhibit A, the pair of adorable lopsided handkerchief pillows:

These are destined for the nursery, as some kind of improbable decoration? Doll’s pillow? Random soft object? I’m not quite sure. Do I need a reason for something soft and crafty? Maybe not.

And here is exhibit B, the coaster created with 12 inches of bias tape, a random scrap of fabric to test out some interfacing, and a total and willful disregard for straight lines:

The coaster design will certain not get much perfecting (maybe a scallop stitch? Some creative technique to make the corners neater?) before I make another four or five for our living room. I have a whole pack of sample squares to make the coasters for, and a living room that is in dire need of coasters. I also have no desire to make them much fancier looking than this! You should see the bias tape tag, on the far side of the glass, which is hopelessly crooked.

These are the kinds of beginner crafts that keep my mind occupied in our tv and internet-less house, in those long quiet evenings when there are no new Netflix to watch, and nothing better than puttering around in the sewing office with some music on and a cat napping on my scrap pile.

This weekend I have big plans to finally buy myself a rotary cutter, mat and see-through fabric ruler, so I can tackle the baby’s blanket project (inspired partly by this lovely Waldeck Dry Goods creation), the baby shower blessing banner project, and the million other nesting projects floating around in my head. So more crafty posts are on their way. A little more organized, but probably no less askew. That’s just how I am!