Here I am, here I am! I went away, but now I’m back. I guess I came back the long way, as it’s been (oh gosh) over a MONTH since I last posted. Gee whiz, golly gee, this is my only excuse:


Naps with the baby, rocking in the rocking chair with the baby, figuring out how to cook and eat one-handed with the baby (we’re working on using a Moby wrap but so far it only works when she’s already asleep), smelling the baby’s delicious head, trying to figure out what a ‘normal’ life with the baby is like. You know, stuff like that.

I had to pop in to say that I am really excited about the holidays coming up, even though I am sure my crafty mojo will not be quite as active this year. Let’s say that maybe a lot of people in my family are going to get framed photos of the wee one! Wrapped if they’re lucky, or perhaps lovingly wrapped in a milk-stained burp rag if I’ve had an especially grumpy night. (Kidding! Or not.) But here is one crafty project I want to try:

A holiday  banner, something with individual letters or cards that I can decorate one by one (perfect for those twenty-minute breaks when the munchkin is sleeping and I am not otherwise engaged in preparation for the Next Awakening), something with a vintage feel to it, and threaded together with a simple ribbon. This will be the first year we get to decorate our new home for Christmas, and I want it to be cozy and lovely. I want our house to be so cozy we want to just curl up and stay inside forever. (Though that wish might have more to do with the fact that it is currently our reality. What, outside? That’s where we occasionally forage for groceries, why would we want to go out there?)

Hope everyone is enjoying their own delicious autumn. Right now mine is full of pumpkin ales and roasted dishes, bowls of nuts on the table and lots of dreaming about dark solstice nights to come. I hope yours is just as lovely.