Moving never takes up one neat spot of time, does it? After one week, we still have no internet at home, and we have to wait until next week to get it.  I have photos I want to share, but I am too lazy to cart my home laptop in to work and do it on my lunch hour. So it will be another little while before I will be back to share photos and stories. Our house is still full of boxes. I have a laundry list of things I need from IKEA (as much as I dread visiting it), I have a needy cat who next extra love because she’s still freaked out by the house, and that’s pretty much what life has been like since our move.

That, and watching adorable children do daredevil things outside our windows. And feeling the baby’s first real kicks. And enjoying the warm weather, now that it’s back. And and and. I will be back soon to write more! Hope you are all enjoying the beauty in your corner of the world, I know I am too.