May is my favorite month of the year! I am so excited to have bloomy, rainy, warmish May, so much better than soggy, trying-but-not-quite-there April. May is the month when summer feels tantalizingly close, but not close enough to sunburn me. May is the month when I met Mr. K, and this May will mark our seventh year together (though this August will only be our second wedding anniversary).

May is also moving season! It feels like nearly everyone I know has moved, is moving or about to move, and we’re next — after four months of house-hunting and one looooooong month of paperwork, we’ve finally closed on our new condo and we’re ready to move. I can’t wait! Goodbye dark, cramped rental house, hello spacious, light-filled townhouse! (It seems like I am full! Of exclamation marks! Today!) The movers arrive on Saturday, so you can bet we are just about drowning in packing paper, boxes, donation bags, and other detritus.

Another symptom of the interminable About To Move phase is that our pots and pans have been whittled down to bare bones for the week, cookbooks have been crated up, and it’s hard to cook much more than a one-pot meal. We kept just a couple cooking spoons out, and no mixing bowls, barely more than two plates to get us through. So of course I’m suddenly dreaming of elaborate cooking projects. Or rather, things that seem elaborate from this side of Moving Day:

  • A friend at work has promised to share her killer toasted Granola recipe. I had a bit last week and I’m still dreaming about it. Words cannot describe the nutty, crunchy perfection. I will post pictures when I try it.
  • I was so inspired by this post on Beauty That Moves, about a week of lunch items prepared in advance, that I am scheming about how to try it myself once we are settled in. I have been out of the groove of lunch-planning since Pregnancy Appetite invaded and disrupted my normal routines. But that’s not a real excuse!
  • Bread. Oh dear, dear homemade bread. I will make you just as soon as I am able.
  • Homemade yogurt!¬† I must have lots of it to fuel my newly-discovered lust for yogurt breakfast smoothies with peaches, blueberries and cinnamon.

That’s what I’m dreaming about these days, when I’m not dreaming about arranging my entire house like a tetris screen and magically floating everything into the perfect slot. Or dreaming about toilets that work, or doors that close properly, or kitchen sinks that don’t clog every other day. Some dreams are simple, some are a little more far-reaching than others these days.

Instead I’m just going to keep my head down and pack like a packing wiz. Hopefully the next time I update it will be with pictures of our delightfully box-filled yet spacious and bright new home!

For now I’ll leave you with one image, dear Mr. K sitting across from me at our living room picnic this weekend, when we just had to go visit the new house, and when we ate our lunch directly out of a casserole dish propped on a packing box covered in a kitchen towel. Because some culinary experiences just don’t wait for complicated items like chairs and tables and plates to arrive!