We woke up to a beautiful, sunny, warm Spring day. The mister mowed the lawn with our push mower while I tried to weed our two raised garden beds. (I say try because although I filled our giant lawn debris bin over halfway, the beds are still FILLED with weeds.)

We only have a couple more weeks left in our rental house, and I have this idea that when we move out, the lawn and the garden beds should be in a fairly acceptable state. But then, it is a lot of exhausting, back-breaking labour. The yard is not enormous, but it has so many trouble spots, what to tackle first? The grape arbor that didn’t get pruned? The fence border beds that are filled with dandelions? The overgrown lilacs? The prickly blackberry vine that has taken over one corner of the front yard, or the raspberry vine that has taken over the other corner of the front yard?

Maybe we should just ignore them and eat more delicous berries…

Other things from today: wearing my silly rubber shoes outside and realizing I can’t walk on the lawn with them:

Why? Because our lawns are filled with tiny, fat black spiders, and the holes in my silly rubber shoes are exactly the right size for spiders to slip in! Eep.

Aside from weeding and mowing, this morning we did a fun thing, which was to make the Pioneer Woman’s Breakfast Burritos. What a treat for my husband, who used to eat these in Texas and sadly doesn’t get them in Oregon that much. (Let’s not talk about the sad days of searching for decent Texas-style food when we lived in Massachusetts!)

As it turns out, the secret to making a breakfast burrito just like his mom used to is generous application of Jimmy Dean sausage in a tube, and soooooo much cheese. Yum. We made what seemed like a small batch — the potatoes, sausage, eggs, and peppers filled our 10-inch skillet — but it was still enough to eat three and save four for Kirk to take to work for breakfasts and (he says with a straight face) snacks. Now listen, when the Pioneer Woman tells you these will stick to your ribs, she is not even joking a tiny bit. We almost had to take a nap to digest. I’m still not quite sure why Kirk sees these as a “snack,” but then I don’t think I need to know. What I do know is that I think we will have to make these more often — they would be perfect to take on a hike, perfect for those work emergencies when Kirk has to run off early in the morning. Perfect when you want a one-skillet breakfast. With hot sauce.

Anyway, we did take a nap, later. After our brunch of rib-sticking burritos. After the lawn and the weeds. I think I slept for nearly two delicious hours. That’s the best thing on a beautiful spring day…don’t do much, and then take a nap afterward.