I am: an enthusiastic cook, an amateur gardener, a family-maker, a passionate lover of farmer’s markets, a beginning sewer, an avid journal-writer, a hunter of lovely antique and vintage things, a cat person though I do love a soppy rowdy dog now and then, someone who always gets a little pink-cheeked when I smile, living back in Oregon after a decade’s hiatus in Massachusetts, always happier to eat from a bowl than a plate, a canner of jams and sauces, a bit of an introvert, and someone who will always take you up on that offer to meet for brunch.

I am right now: pregnant with my first child, planning a homebirth, married to a wonderful man, about to move into our first non-rented home, a full-time grantwriter, excited to set up a dedicated sewing space in the new house, both excited and nervous about starting a family, and marveling at the slow Northwest spring and all the lovely daffodils it brings up in the lawn.

Hi, my name is Jesse. This is my first foray into the land of blogging about home-making and family-making, and I want to write about the beautiful things I find along the way.